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KVM per Software

  • Synergy - Linux, MacOSX, Windows software kvm software
  • MonitorOFF for Windows / uses standby mode of TFT to switch between 2 PCs at 1 TFT without onscreen switching

"Software" KVM

old situation:

- 2 PCs (each with own mouse and keyboard)
- 1 screen (up to more)
- VNC / remote screen software

new situation

- 2 PCs, but only one with the keyboard and mouse (input device "synergy" server)
- 1 screen (with 2 or more sources of input, mostly VGA, DVI, HDMI...)


- Synergy server -> SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+A = left PC keyboard focus
- Synergy server -> SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+S = right PC keyboard focus
- MonitorOFF both PC -> CTRL+ALT+S = switch screen to standby/low power mode (switches to next on-powered input source)


- Linux, MacOSX, MS Windows XP++ software solution
- use of common hardware feature (monitor dpms/standby mode and switch to different input source)
- GUI user -> mouse movement / clicks only (by onscreen possible, access to "Behinderte")
- VNC over multiple screen is aweful, this helps for PC which are "local" connected
- screen switch by keystroke: monitor tool -> by key-sequence (CTRL+ALT+s - my own definition)
- synergy can configured to go to other PC at border by threshold time (myself 2 sec to stay at border before mouse is handed over)
- control multimedia center (synergy client installed), normally TV LED/LCD screen, with your Laptop/Tablet/smartphone (synergy server)


- CAD problem (CTRL+ALT+DEL is very special under Windows, onscreen keyboard won't work, only real keyboard) -> DisableCAD
- speed of the switching task -> by design depends on screen switch recognition/timing
- exclusive keyboard/mouse -> by design
- cpu cycles from server / client -> developer / benchmarks / monitoring
- network traffic, unsecured -> ssh/vpn tunnel
- to get the mouse to switched PC, you have to move over there (hot spot, over specified border)


- video intro: http://vimeo.com/8016338
- open VNC connection to 2nd PC, change to 2nd PC with synergy (over border by mouse)

Tweak info: - holding "Alt" key unhides old menubar in some programs (Firefox, MS Internet Explorer), when menubar is hidden to save screen space or replaced by other gui-menu placing

http://www.gizmodo.de/2011/09/13/maus-ohne-grenzen-vier-rechner-und-eine-maus.html Aktuell befindet sich das Projekt „Mouse without Borders“ noch in der Betaphase. Heruntergeladen werden kann die clevere Alternative zu „Synergy“ allerdings jetzt schon.