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Or just modify your Yahoo Account to get POP access


Another confirmation that changing the preferred content to "Yahoo Asia" allows direct POP3 access without any additional intermediary (YPOPS, FreePOPs).

I just changed eight accounts (new and old), and the process was slightly different in each (some were classic interface, some were new interface, one had a yahoo home page). But the basic steps for all:

Sign in at the main (not mail) Yahoo page ( On the top right, where it says "Hi <yourname>", click on <yourname> Enter the requested password Edit "Member Information" (first choice) Select "Preferred Content", and change it to "Yahoo Asia" Click Finished and Accept the Terms Select Finished again Sign Out

When you sign back in to Yahoo Mail (, you will now see the "Yahoo Asia" logo Select Options (near the top right) You will now have a "POP3 Access and Forwarding" choice under Management (there is a radio button that must be selected)

Make sure you change your email client back to &!

For email purposes, nothing else seems to have changed, and it's all still in English (or whatever language you had it set for). If you use Yahoo as your home page, there may be further differences (like the headlines). You can change back to Yahoo USA after the changes without losing POP3/SMTP access but you do lose the ability to get into the POP3 radio button menu.

One housekeeping point: Any mail previously marked as "read" and stored on the Yahoo server will be downloaded again (since your email client has never accessed it before via POP3). It will, however, respect the "leave on server" setting - and things should work correctly going forward.

Hope this helps!

server: / (SSL 995)
outgoing server: (SSL 465 with authentication)