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see also see also Proxy


webmin :10000 (TSL/SSL)

squid with daily adblocker-urls (80/443 transparent, 8080/8443 standard)

pihole as dns adblocker (53, 80/443)

pdns dns cache (53)

pvr for mediathek etc.



ssh knocking ports

ids / ips

rootkit checker


btrfs compress filesystem

zfs compress fs + 2nd drive cache ssd → hdd


ups/usv - lan cable off → shutdown in 10min when (blocker-file not exists) or (wlan usb not exists) otherwise enable wlan (when exists and promote in cloud private ip?)

lan by power-ethernet with remote switched outlet (manual on / off by user, shutdown by lan-off detection)


vm: lan off → shutdown 10min → write zerofile (for better backup-compression of vm file), each time a new till no empty space (leave space when shutting down for next bootup)

raspi: lan off → log file entry / remove blocker file → shutdown 10min


blocker file (like /etc/nossh) to prevent shutdown by lost lan connection

no graphical mode (server mode)


no mitigations (url boot parameter fast linux?)

squid as proxy port 80

squid as transparent proxy (ssl bump, ssl/tls certs of squid in client installed)

web-cache promotion by lan ad (proxy file?)


vm without hyperthreading on host (bios, ht intel, smt amd)

raspi 2 + usv battery (compiler help by PC)

little ssd as cache, hdd as big storage (media, web cache squid)

usb tv with remote control for pvr

linux distro

vm gentoo 64 / 32 (compiler help for arm raspi)

raspi2 gentoo 32 (64?)

nice to have

raspi camera / motion detection

automation / repeatable

script / log